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Be very wary of expensive trading and investing courses/seminars


Spread Betting Courses UK

I call the people behind these courses ‘dream sellers’ because that in my opinion is what they’re selling – dreams.

See Secret 10 – Beware of ‘marketers’ selling expensive trading courses and systems – which is one of our 10 Secrets to Successful Spread Betting

A comment on courses for spread betting

They try to convince the naïve (sorry to be blunt) that trading is easy and it’s relatively easy to make money in what’s probably the most competitive industry on the planet.

Have you seen their initial sales letters, for example? They often promote the fact that anyone can earn 5% – 10% a month for doing virtually nothing. Statements like that are incredible and, I think, incredibly reckless, but still, people believe them.

Be wary of Spread Betting seminar salesmen and get rich quick trading strategies

It’s my personal opinion that these firms are first and foremost, marketing companies who happen to be selling stock market and spread betting courses. They are not traders or trading companies that, in turn, market courses.

So be on your guard, research what you’re really buying and the people behind the courses. Use Google, and you’ll probably read 1 positive comment for every 9 negative ones. Plus, the positive comments often seem too good to be true, perhaps because they’re posted by people connected to the course sellers.

Overall, I’d advise people to stay well away from these get-rich-quick seminars, courses and strategies.

Read this expose to see how most of these marketing companies operate – it’s not pretty.

WARNING! – Spread Bet Broker Advice

There are good spread bet brokers, and there are bad ones.

Having a good broker won’t guarantee you profits, but a bad broker will probably lead to losses as a combination of their gamesmanship and suspect software takes its financial toll.




Spread Betting Courses UK

Quickly define spread betting and training materials available (i.e. online resources like YouTube and broker training courses)

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Learning How to Spread Bet

Basics of spread betting, what it involves

Different educational resources available, YouTube, demo accounts

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