At CompareForexBrokers, we utilise raw data from reputable sources, such as the BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey, to provide a clear overview of the forex market. Our in-house analysts interpret and present this data, offering journalists and industry partners a practical snapshot of the forex industry. This method ensures our data is both thorough and straightforward, supporting informed decision-making and reporting.

Gain access to an extensive collection of forex trading statistics, detailing market size, trading volumes, and prevailing trends. Aimed at those seeking an in-depth understanding of the forex market's volume, key trends, and history, this resource is backed by data from trusted sources.

Explore our in-depth analysis of forex trading activities across different countries. This section highlights regulatory environments, trading volumes, and the unique characteristics of forex markets worldwide, offering key insights for industry stakeholders interested in regional trading patterns.

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CompareForexBrokers is a leading authority in forex broker comparison, committed to delivering unbiased, comprehensive insights into the forex market. Founded with the goal of simplifying the process of choosing the right forex broker, we provide traders, journalists, and industry partners with reliable data and in-depth analysis.To learn more about our company history and how we’ve grown to serve the forex community, explore our company history.

Our company is built on the foundation of trust and transparency, leveraging data from reputable sources, including the BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey, to offer a clear, factual overview of the forex industry. Our team of analysts interprets this data to present a practical snapshot, ensuring our information supports informed decision-making and reporting.

At CompareForexBrokers, we cater to a wide audience seeking to understand forex trading dynamics. From detailed statistics on market size and trading volumes to analyses of forex trading activities across different countries, we aim to provide a resource that is both thorough and accessible. Our coverage extends to spread betting statistics, focusing on market trends and trader demographics within the UK market.

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