Leadership at CompareForexBrokers

At the heart of CompareForexBrokers lies the pioneering spirit of co-founders Justin Grossbard and Noam Korbl. Together, they embarked on a mission to transform the forex trading landscape, leveraging their collective expertise and insights to build a platform dedicated to empowering traders.

Justin Grossbard, with his strategic vision as the Head of Research, and Noam Korbl, steering operational excellence as the Chief Operating Officer, have created a synergy that drives the core of CompareForexBrokers. Their joint efforts have focused on identifying emerging trends in the forex market and ensuring the platform’s services are of the highest quality and reliability. This partnership has not only established a foundation for CompareForexBrokers but has also set a new standard in providing traders with comprehensive, factual, and unbiased broker comparisons and insights.

Together, Justin and Noam continue to lead the way in making forex trading more accessible and understandable for traders worldwide, reaffirming CompareForexBrokers’ commitment to excellence and integrity in the forex industry.

Senior Management Team

Management Image
Justin Grossbard

Strategic Head Of Research

Management Image
Noam Korbl

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Management Image
David Levy

Online Content Manager

Management Image
Vishal Choudhary

Chief Technology Officer

Management Image
Riley Adams

Chief Editor And Writer

Management Image
Sean A'Hearn

Senior Forex Content Writer

Management Image
Laura Wolfe

Senior Content Writer

Management Image
George Sweeney

Content Writer

Management Image
Ross Collins

Chief Technology Researcher

Management Image
Justin Hertzberg

Forex Advisor

Management Image
Robert Payne

Compliance Advisor

Management Image
Dan Jerick Cruz

Graphic Designer

Interested in Joining Our Team?

At CompareForexBrokers, we’re committed to enhancing the transparency and accessibility of the forex trading market. Our team is fundamental to our success, driven by a dedication to excellence, innovation, and providing traders with comprehensive, factual, and unbiased insights into forex brokers.

Why Build Your Career with Us?

  • A Culture of Innovation: Engage with a team that values creativity and is continuously seeking new ways to improve our services and deliver value to our users.
  • Professional Growth: We’re committed to the professional development and career progression of our team, offering plentiful opportunities for growth.
  • Making an Impact: Your work will directly empower traders globally, facilitating informed decision-making and success in the complex world of forex trading.

Explore Career Opportunities

We invite professionals from diverse backgrounds to join our mission. Whether your expertise lies in research, technology, content creation, or customer service, CompareForexBrokers offers a dynamic environment for you to thrive.

Discover how you can contribute to and benefit from our mission to make forex trading more understandable for everyone. For details on available positions and how to apply, please visit our Careers Page.