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The Reason for the Dip in the AUD/USD Pair

Technical charts of AUD/USD are presently showing signs of bullish trend reversal, stemming from the drop-in value for the Australian dollar, which has dropped as low as .7024. This is the lowest level that has been since February

Think Bitcoin Is Volatile? Try Forex Trading!

What a ride 2018 has already been for Bitcoin and all the cryptocurrency family. Bitcoin alone rose 24% before falling 38%, movements that dwarf mainstream financial products such as shares. The question though remains if Bitcoin is volatile enough

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Pound Drops 6% In Minutes. How A Broker Impacts Profit & Losses

In October 2016 a 'so called' 1 in 100 event occurred where over two 2 minutes the British Pound dropped 6% in just minutes. Below shows this huge drop and rebound. There is plenty of speculation as what

Pound Forex Drop

4 Critical Considerations When Choosing A Forex Broker in 2019

The price of entry for establishing an online trading business, especially for the Foreign Exchange currency market (FOREX) and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) is modest and mainly consists of things most people already have, such as internet

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What Is An Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor sounds like something that can make you a boat load of money in the world of currency trading. An expert that advises me how and when to execute trades for profit? What could possibly

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Forex Trading Implications Of The Yuan Devaluing?

On the 11st, 12th and 13th of August the Chinese government dropped the fix point of the yuan by 1.9%, 1.6% and then 1.1% . While graphs just focusing on the yuan may seem alarming the truth

China vs Australia Currency

OzForex – International Money Transfers

A common question we receive on this site is who to use for everyday forex (not trading), especially when arranging international transfers or payments and to send money overseas. OzForex offer extremely competitive rates (compared to market

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure To The “Grexit” Crisis

A Brief Synopsis of the "Grexit" Crisis Financial markets don’t cope well with uncertainty. In fact, global markets perform far better on bad news than they do on indeterminate or pending information. Just look at what happened before

The Grexit Crisis Explained

5 Things You Should Know About USA Forex Rigging Case

In November 2014 a settlement worth more than 4 billion dollars was reached between the USA's big banks and their government over Forex rigging. In addition to this deal, a further $6 billion settlement looks to be nearing completion between the same banks (including

As The Government Investigates, Is There A Rat At The RBA?

Recently we wrote an article here about why the Australian dollar moved ahead of the RBA’s interest rate announcement. By now you’re all aware that on the first Tuesday of each month the RBA meets to discuss

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Australian Forex Trading Growth And Broker Adoption

The worldwide forex market is booming with the daily turnover doubling since 2007. Australian forex trading volumes are no exception in Australia with Aussies loving a punt and making trades based on a knowledge gained over time. What is

Australian Forex Broker Market

Why Did The Australian Dollar Move Before The RBA Announcement?

Every month there are a few key events that are guaranteed to move both the stock market and the Australian dollar. The largest event by far is the monthly Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announcement where it lets

Forex Movements March 2015

Why Australian Brokers Were Critical During The Swiss Shock

In January 2015 one of the rarest events in currency history occurred when Switzerland removed its currency ceiling against the Euro. The result was that the currency immediately increasing 39% against the euro and then eventually settling. This

Swiss Franc Forex Change

How Does Leverage Work in The Forex Market?

There are many terms and definitions bandied about in the world of foreign exchange with a number of concepts that traders need to know and understand before they should even consider opening a trading account. One such

Leverage benefits and risks

Forex Comparison Site Benefits For Forex Traders

Brief Background I was chatting to a friend not too long ago about day-trading shares. He and I often have robust conversations about certain stocks we believe or see potential in. Our share portfolios are not that large, this

Forex Tips To Select The Best Broker

Most Australian forex traders select a forex broker based on 'word of mouth', a recommendation from a forex course or training site or a sign up bonus. It's quite rare for these traders to actually have the