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CompareForexBrokers.com was created in 2014 with the goal of providing retail investors with comprehensive, objective reviews of online brokers offering services in Australia. In the last seven years, the site has grown to include assessments of over 40 brokers operating in every major financial market, from New York to London to Frankfurt to Dubai.

We’re proud to say that we’re the oldest forex-focused site in Australia and one of the first worldwide to offer straightforward, practical guidance on how to choose a broker, trading platform or even trading product. Trading forex is a complicated exercise – we aim to demystify the broker selection process with plain language and easy-to-read charts summarizing our independent, data-driven analysis.

Our core mission: empowering novice and experienced traders alike with impartial evaluations of only the most trustworthy online brokers operating internationally. From commissions to features to asset classes, we offer a holistic appraisal of each brokerage with the trading experience in mind.

  • Our Focus: Data-driven Analysis
  • Key Broker Features – Visualised

Each review includes a set of custom tables summarising the broker’s key features. We update these monthly – often more frequently – to ensure readers have the most current information at their fingertips.

Rather than combing through hundreds of pages of seemingly identical web copy attempting to spot the differences between brokers or platforms, our subscribers have access to hundreds of easy-to-read tables and graphics.



Unique Broker Comparison Tools

At CompareForexBrokers.com, we know that your budget plays a significant role in choosing a broker. After all, why spend more on spreads and commissions than necessary to meet your objectives? To help our readers quickly compare trading costs between brokers, we offer a number of unique comparison tools not available elsewhere.

Below is our spread module, where we collect the average spreads brokers publish on their websites.


Maintaining these tools takes a fair bit of effort on our part. On the first of each month, we check our data with the brokers to make sure it is up-to-date and correct.


We also know that it is not easy to calculate your trading costs, so we’ve developed a Commission Module, where we add spreads and commission costs together to provide you with a big-picture view of what you can expect to pay working with a given broker.


Our Commitment: Honest Evaluations

An honest evaluation of the brokers is something our readers should expect, we have a number of measures to achieve this,

We Hold an AFSL License

Unlike the majority of similar websites, CompareForexBrokers.com holds a license issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Why did we do this? Because we understand the significance of retail investing and believe that we should be accountable to our readers for the information we publish. While we are not authorised to provide financial advice, we recognise that our reviews and opinions may impact individual investor choices and have chosen to pursue a license as an acknowledgement of the trust shown by our readers.

CompareForexBrokers Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Guildford’s Fund Management Pty, Ltd. with Australian Financial Services Licence No. 471379 (A/R No. 001274082).

We’re Fully Independent and Privately-owned

CompareForexBrokers.com was founded by Justin Grossbard and Noam Korbl. Justin and Noam continue to remain the sole owners and have turned down multiple offers to sell the website.

CompareForexBrokers.com always has been and will continue to be an independent source of information for traders. Our conscience dictates our content – not a corporate marketing plan.
We Take Regulation Seriously

As forex trading has grown in popularity, the number of unscrupulous, fly-by-night brokers has exploded. Novice traders, in particular, risk losing significant sums chasing too-good-to-be-true promises from unregulated, unlicensed brokers offering extreme leverage, minimal risk management and little to no investor protection.

At CompareForexBrokers.com, we only review fully authorized online brokers with one or more licenses from Tier 1 regulators. We also make a point of publishing education content designed to help traders cut through promotional jargon to identify legitimate brokers and trading tools suitable for their country of residence.

We Take Regulation Seriously

We understand the importance of being able to choose a broker you can trust, a broker that will keep your broker safe. The Forex industry does have a reputation for having brokers that will take your funds and disappear or offer services they don’t truly deliver, while it is true this reputation was deserved in the past, the industry nowadays has cleaned up significantly. A large part is because financial regulators in many countries require the broker to have a licence to offer brokerage services in their country and this means the broker must abide by the regulatory requirements set by the body that oversees the financial requirements in that market. For this reason, we only recommend regulated brokers and in most cases brokers with regulations specific to the country being reviewed.

Our Community: Traders

While comparison websites existed prior to our debut in 2014, we believe that CompareForexBrokers.com was the first such site devoted solely to evaluating online forex brokerages. Because we’ve been specialists since Day One, we’ve always focused on what we know best: forex brokers and platforms.

We’re here, first and foremost, for the ever-expanding community of entrepreneurs, financial innovators and technical visionaries that comprise the global retail investment community.

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