Advertiser Disclosure - How We Make Money

We created to provide those new to retail trading and speculating with comprehensive, unbiased and straightforward reviews of licensed online broker-dealers and trading platforms in this fast-growing industry.

Independent & Unbiased

All of the content published on this site is backed by independent research and assessment by myself and my team. We make our decisions and recommendations based on data and do not accept compensation from anyone – partner or otherwise – in exchange for a positive review. Period.

The Importance of Accuracy

We do periodically update content to reflect developments in the industry or changes by the service providers we review. When this happens, we make a special note so you’re aware of what’s changed and why. We make these updates to ensure that we publish the most accurate content possible.

Free Access to Our Research

While we considered – and were advised by some – to put most of the site’s content behind a paywall, that felt counter to my overall mission to provide high-quality and informative content to budding traders before they commit to a broker or a platform. We also don’t accept paid advertising on the site from companies we review.

So How Do We Make Money?

In order to keep the content on free for anyone who needs it, we partner with service providers under affiliate relationships. This means that, in some cases, clicking a link or signing up with a broker will generate a referral fee for the site. Rest assured this fee is not passed on to traders and in no way impacts the brokerage fees that are charged by partner brokers. Furthermore, these affiliate agreements are managed entirely by CompareForexBrokers’ management and are never shared with the content or research team so as not to impact or skew the reviews published.

Our Partners

Keen followers of Compare Forex Brokers will note that we don’t churn through broker partners like many of our competitors do. In fact, nearly all brokers we have a financial affiliate relationship with have worked with us since our inception in 2014. We’re very careful about which companies we work with. True to our values of honesty and integrity, we don’t pawn off promoting brokers on our website to the highest bidder. While we could make more money by turning over our featured partners every year or two, this would compromise the quality and accuracy of our analysis. Ultimately it would lead to an erosion of trust in our business and undermine the relationships we have developed over nearly a decade with our colleagues and partners.

Broker partners we work with include but are not limited to:

IC Markets
Fusion Markets
Blackbull Markets
FP Markets
Global Prime
CMC Markets
TD365 & Tradedirect365

Customer Support

Another key way we monetise our business is through lead acquisition and nurturing. This occurs mostly through customers initiating engagement and volunteering their contact details with us via LiveChat. We have a dedicated team of broker experts available 12 hours a day Monday-Friday to better assist clients to select the right broker for their trading needs. While the vast majority of traders referred to our partners occur passively some clients prefer a bit more hand holding. LiveChat was deployed to our website to plug holes and boost conversion rates ensuring browsers who get bombarded by the breadth of information posted to our website don’t fall through the cracks.

Constantly Evolving

Of course, we’re always looking at ways to grow and evolve as a business. New monetisation strategies are looked at from time to time and if in the future our financial model changes we will post an update here.


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