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With over 150 instruments there are 5 sets of leverage available with Pepperstone offering up to 500:1 for currency (forex) and commodity trading, up to 200:1 for index CFDs, 20:1 for share CFDs and up to 5:1 leverage on cryptocurrency trading.

By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Pepperstone Fees

Pepperstone Leverage Levels By Instrument

Pepperstone maximum leverage varies by instrument traded and is one of the highest levels available as you can view from the broker leverage comparison page.

Instrument TradedRetail Client LeverageProfessional Client Leverage
Index CFDs20:1200:1

View the Pepperstone leverage levels by each market below.

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Pepperstone Leverage FAQs

Most instruments Pepperstone offers have relatively low volatility. For example, forex markets move by less than 1% on most days. Leverage allows you to trade a multiple of your deposit amplifying these small movements into meaningful profit or losses for traders.

The leverage stated on this Pepperstone leverage page is the maximum amount and traders can change the maximum leverage available after opening an account. This can be done in the secure client area by clicking on the ‘change leverage’ option as shown below.

Pepperstone offers stop-loss orders which will exit a trader one a profit or loss feature is risked. This is not guaranteed in turbulent markets which is why Pepperstone also offers a built-in stop-out system. This automatic system exits a trader when they approach a zero balance position. Like stop-loss orders through a negative balance is not guaranteed.

Summary Of Pepperstone Leverage

Pepperstone leverage is generous compared to other Australian Forex Brokers ranging from 5:1 to 500:1.

Instrument TradedPepperstone LeverageIC Markets LeverageIG Markets LeverageCMC Markets LeverageEasyMarkets LeveragePlus500 Leverage
Index CFDs200:1200:1200:1500:1100:1300:1
Share CFDs20:120:120:120:120:1
Commodities500:1500:125:1 to 200:1
150:1100:1 to 200:1150:1

Many other brokers only offer up to 50:1 which will limit the flexibility of trading strategies. This is one of the many reasons Pepperstone in 2020 was considered the best forex broker for advanced traders compared to brokers like FXCM and OANDA. To open a Pepperstone account or open a demo account click on the button below.

Before determining which level of leverage is appropriate for your trading purposes its integral that you seek independent advice and understand what your objectives and financial circumstances are. Trading decisions should not be based on generalised reviews.

Are You In Europe And The UK?

Leverage offered by Pepperstone is limited in regions like the UK. Their subsidiary Pepperestone limited meets FCA requirements for retail brokers which can be viewed on the UK Pepperstone leverage page.

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