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Daivd Levy, Content Manager at CompareForexBrokers

David is the primary content manager, editor, and writer at CompareForexBrokers. His journey with the company began in 2018 as a freelance writer, where he specialised in crafting comprehensive reviews about various Forex brokers. This role provided David with a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the Forex industry, and his quick grasp of the complexities involved led to his promotion to a full-time role.

In his current capacity, David is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information CompareForexBrokers provides about each broker. He meticulously fact-checks every piece of data and reviews existing content to ensure the pages are not only accurate but also readable and engaging for the audience. David’s role extends beyond editing and writing; he is a key player in planning the pages to be published and effectively communicates these requirements to his team of writers.

Before joining CompareForexBrokers, David held several positions in the I.T. field. He worked at IBM as a capacity planner, where he honed his skills in managing resources and ensuring optimal performance. He also served as a process improvement analyst at ANZ, where he was instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency.

David’s experience extends to the realm of product planning and testing. He worked for a company that developed apps for the Salesforce CRM platform. In this role, he obtained two Salesforce certifications and became a certified tester, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

David is a highly educated professional. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Systems from Monash University, a testament to his understanding of the intersection between business and technology. He also earned a Graduate Certificate in Arts (Media and Communications) from Swinburne University of Technology, which equipped him with the skills necessary for his current role. Additionally, David holds a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from Swinburne University, reflecting his understanding of people management and organisational behaviour.

David enjoys a balanced lifestyle when he’s not immersed in his work. He is a fan of Pilates, finding the exercise regimen beneficial for both physical and mental health. He also has a passion for cooking, often experimenting with new recipes and cuisines. A sports enthusiast, David particularly enjoys watching test cricket, appreciating the strategy and skill involved in the game.

David is also an avid traveller. Whenever he has the opportunity to take leave, he loves to travel overseas and explore different cultures. Backpacking around the globe is one of his favourite ways to spend his free time, as it allows him to immerse himself in diverse environments and experiences.

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