Global Prime Review

Global Prime (Global Prime Pty Ltd) are a leading Australian based forex broker that specialise in offering prime of prime trade execution and spreads. Global Prime offer excellent low fees and strong customer support.

By Noam Korbl / Updated: Sunday, December 08th, 2019

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Global Prime Core Strengths

  1. Prime of Prime DMA/ECN Trading Execution
  2. MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
  3. Excellent Customer Service

Weaknesses Of Global Prime

  1. Limited Choice Of Asset Classes or CFDs
  2. Large Minimum Deposit To Open Account
  3. No Swap Free Account

When you’re selecting a broker for your Forex trading activities, transparency, integrity and a proven track record of great customer service is among the top qualities you should be looking for. Global Prime is one brokerage with all of these qualities, plus an excellent business model that makes it great for traders of all types and experience levels. In the following Global Prime review, you’ll find everything you need to know about this brokerage to make an informed decision about whether or not to use it for your Forex trading.

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Regulation and Transparency

Being based in Australia, Global Prime is fully regulated by ASIC under Australian financial law. It is also one of the few brokerages that goes above and beyond what is legally required of it when it comes to financial transparency. Global Prime is the only Forex brokerage that will readily show clients which institution provided the price for a specific trade, allowing traders to see exactly what is going on behind the scenes of the prices they’re paying. This commitment to transparency is an excellent feature of Global Prime that helps to set it apart from the pack.

Trading With Global Prime

Trading With Global Prime

Global Prime, like many digital brokerages, opens trading up to the average person with a bit of extra money to invest. With an initial deposit of $500, traders can easily open a live account with leverage ratios of up to 200:1. This ratio is somewhat low in comparison to competitive brokers, but is still more than high enough to allow traders to profit from their positions. Traders are also able to take advantage of relatively low minimum trade volumes starting at just 0.01 lots. Together, the low initial investment, reasonable leverage ratios and low required trade volume make Global Prime a good brokerage for beginning Forex traders who don’t want to risk too much money at the outset.

Like everything else about it, Global Prime’s fee structure is trader-friendly. Spreads average just 0.1 pip on the popular EUR/USD currency pair and are relatively low across the board. A commission of $7 per 100k units is applied to trades, keeping the costs of trading quite low. A final point to note in the trading section of this Global Prime review is that the brokerage sets its margin stop at 100 percent and its margin call at 120 percent.

One of Global Prime’s few weaknesses is that it offers a somewhat limited, though still highly effective, list of assets. Traders can choose from a list of 42 currency pairs that include both majors and minors. There are also a handful of CFD options available based on major global stock indices and crude oil. While this somewhat small list of offerings is the main weakness found in our Global Prime review, the assets that this brokerage does offer represent the most popular and frequently-traded among digital traders.

Global Prime Trading Platforms

Like many leading brokerages, Global Prime offers more than one type of trading platform. The most common platform is MetaTrader 4, which is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. This platform is universally popular among Forex traders and is used by many of Global Prime’s competitors, making it easy for experienced traders who are new to the brokerage to start trading quickly.

MT4 Offered by Global Prime

In addition to MT4, Global Prime also offers more specialised platforms and tools for professional and institutional users. The Myfxbook AutoTrade system, for example, enables social trading and trade mirroring for users who want to follow the activity of other traders. A multi account manager (MAM) platform is also available for institutional users who need to be able to control many different trading accounts simultaneously. Finally, there’s the FIX API. Designed specifically with professional traders in mind, FIX lets traders customise their trading strategies in an automated environment. This trading protocol has gained popularity with institutional clients worldwide and is currently considered one of the best trading tools available to professional and high-volume Forex traders. It should also be noted that higher-volume traders can access a free VPS offer to enhance their execution speeds and improve their trading.

Global Prime is a Prime Broker

Funding Your Account

Funding a Global Prime account is relatively easy and can be done in a number of ways. Bank wire is one of the simplest and can be done in most major currencies. Alternatively, investors can fund their accounts through a credit card but will incur a handling fee of 3.25% and deposits are limited to AUD$10,000. For those who prefer E-teller or E-wallet services, Global Prime accepts Neteller and POLi payments free of charge.

Zero Fee Partners

Global Prime Liquidity Provision

Global Prime Liquidity Provision

One of the most important points that should be mentioned in any Global Prime review is its somewhat unique liquidity structure. Many digital Forex brokers use a single large provider for their trading liquidity, a method that works reasonably well in most cases but can cause difficulties for high-volume traders on occasion. With Global Prime, however, this problem is solved through the use of a more diverse pool of providers. Global Prime use 26 liquidity providers consisting of tier 1 banks, ECNs and non-bank liquidity provider who specialise in particular currency pairs. This not only helps to ensure available liquidity, but also helps traders get the most competitive rates on their trades by choosing the most appropriate liquidity provider. It is for this reason Global Prime call themselves a prime of prime broke.

This broad liquidity pool is also beneficial in terms of the depth of liquidity that Global Prime is able to offer to its customers. While most brokers are able to offer liquidity in the range of 50k at the top of book, Global Prime is able to substantially outperform the field with 500k-1m unit liquidity available. Though this will make very little difference for smaller retail traders, it is of enormous benefit to high-volume and institutional users. For these users, Global Prime is even able to customise liquidity models in order to ensure the best possible user experience.

Global Prime Customer Service

Global Prime Customer Service

The outstanding feature of Global Prime is the service it offers its customers. Therefore, no Global Prime review could really be complete without a comprehensive overview of the company’s service model and record. This brokerage offers a dedicated team of support professionals ready to answer questions and resolve trader concerns on a 24/5 basis by phone. Clients can also email Global Prime’s support staff at any time or start a live chat on the company’s website during support hours.

Though this customer service model may seem basic, Global Prime has made it extremely effective. This brokerage has an excellent history of customer satisfaction, garnering some of the most positive reviews of any Australian Forex broker. With an average rating of 4.75 out of five stars by users on Forex Peace Army (FPA), our Global Prime review found that this company beats out even such prominent brokers as Pepperstone (3.3 stars) and ICMarkets (3.7 stars).


Overall, our Global Prime review found that this platform has something to offer almost every Forex trader, from the beginner to the professional. New traders will enjoy the low costs of trading and relatively low funding threshold, while even the most experienced traders can derive benefit from features like the FIX API and deep liquidity. All traders can be assured that they are getting the best in service in transparency. Though the somewhat small asset selection may be a problem for some users, most won’t find it to be an inconvenience. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and service-oriented Australian Forex brokerage, Global Prime is an excellent option.