Axitrader Australia Account Review

AxiTrader is one of Australia’s leading forex brokers with many key advantages and only a few weaknesses as highlighted in our 2019 AxiTrader review.

View the AxiTrader account options available for international and Australian forex trading (and CFDs trading) below.

By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Friday, January 03rd, 2020

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Finding the right AxiTrader account option is critical to match your trading experience and style. While these two accounts may appear similar, there are differences that will impact the trading fees and other elements. This is as important as choosing the fx broker to begin with!

There Are Two AxiTrader Accounts

The below guide aims to differentiate the AxiTrader accounts to find the right account for your trading needs.

Standard AxiTrader Account1) AxiTrader Standard Account

The standard account is geared towards those new to forex trading or infrequent traders having the following features:

  • The most popular forex trading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
  • No commissions on any trade
  • Competitive spreads on 80 currency pairs
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • CFDs trading including Gold & Silver, Oil to equity indices

The key element to note with the account is that no commissions exist on any currency pairing. Instead, there are increased spreads.

2) AxPro AxiTrader AccountiTrader Pro Account

The pro account is the most well known and considered ECN (no dealer desk) allowing direct trading and offers these features:

  • Lower spreads than the standard account
  • Commissions on trades from $3.50 per side
  • The MT4 forex trading platform
  • Instant execution and no re-quotes
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • Deep liquidity trading from financial institutions, hedge funds and banks.

The Pro AxiTrader account essentially makes money through commissions not spreads. This ensures tight spreads and fast execution speeds. Experienced traders choose this AxiTrader pro account due to transparency, direct trading with liquidity providers, reducing interference and improving speeds.

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Five Key Features Of Both Accounts

i) Axitrader Autochartist

Axitrader AutochartistBoth AxiTrader accounts offer Autochartist for free. This tool automatically scans markets continuously. It recognises trade set-ups through resistance as well as support levels. It then informs forex traders when an opportunity exists.

The feature is a plugin to MetaTrader 4. This allows traders to watch symbols and time periods within the best forex trading platform from a single chart. The tools also analyse correlation levels with Fibonacci and Volatility analysis. It can send alerts automatically when specified chart patterns emerge.

Forex traders also receive free market reports three times a day. This provides a 24 to 48-hour outlook on currency markets and commodities for NYSE, Tokyo and London.

ii) Free VPS Service

A virtual hosting service (VPS) uses external servers to keep platforms running and minimising downtime. This is critical for expert advisors (MT4’s automated trading tool) which relied on continual uptime.

There are a few VPS partners including ForexVPS which has SSD drives in New York, offers 100% uptime guarantee and 24 hours live chat support. 20 lots need to be traded each month for AxiTrader to credit $34.99 of the monthly fee. MetaTrader VPS (created by the created of MT4) is a cloud VPS hosting provider with global servers. This leads to low latency and costs $10USD each month. There are also commercial network services charged at $35 per month and Beeksfx VPS which Axitrader traders get a 30% discount on.

iii) Expert Advisors

As discussed above, a key feature of MetaTrader 4 (and MT5) which is also offered by IG Markets is the ability to use automation. This is called MetaTrader expert advisors. AxiTrader offers Myfxbook, Tradency and Tradeworks which are the world’s most-used algorithms.

iv) Demo Accounts

Both AxiTrader Australia accounts offer a free 30 day trial for free. This allows a trader to test the MT4 platform in a risk-free environment. $50,000 in virtual funds is loaded into an AxiTrader Australia demo account to simulate trading. This factors in the real spreads of either account and other forex elements. Opening an account is seamless when transitioning from a demo to live account as your details are transferred across. You just need to exceed the minimum deposit of just $0.

v) Customer Support

AxiTrader offers 24-hour support thanks to there multiple offices in Sydney, Chisinau and London. This ensures support exists for MT4 and forex trading in general. What sets AxiTrader Australia customer support from competitors is the offering of a dedicated account manager. This allows for personalised service when you require forex advice or assistance. AxiTrader Australia also has multi-lingual support which is ideal for those who don’t have English as there first language.

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Other FAQs

Are There Any AxiTrader Promotions Available?

Unlike some overseas forex brokers, AxiTrader doesn’t offer bonuses or new account AxiTrader promotions. This highlights the forex brokers low commission and spread focus similar to a Bunnings Or Officeworks ‘lowest prices every day’ mentality.  Beware of any AxiTrader promotions posted by third party sites as these may be scams or expired.

Is There An Axitrader cTrader Account Option?

No, unlike some other forex broker trading accounts there are no Axitrader cTrader options available. Only Metatrader 4 is available.

Pepperstone or Axitrader?

Many currency traders narrow their forex broker search down to Pepperstone or AxiTrader or even IC Markets as they all have well known ECN forex brokers. There other similarities include strong Australian (and international) customer service support, the use of Pepperstone as the forex trading platform and low commissions.

The key differences though between Pepperstone and AxiTrader are:

  • Pepperstone offers higher leverage (500:1) vs AxiTrader (400:1)
  • Pepperstone offers cTrader as an additional forex trading platform option
  • AxiTrader offers a free VPN and Axitrader mobile trading

Experiences forex traders may find the key difference is the leverage levels which they may require for their trading strategies. Higher leverage increases risk and it should be noted that neither forex broker offers true negative balance protection (see easyMarkets for a broker that offers guaranteed protection). Pepperstone does have a negative balance protection automated risk system but this doesn’t guarantee a forex traders losses won’t exceed their deposit. It’s therefore critical to understand the risks of currency trading, especially when trading with high leverage levels.

Regulation Of AxiTrader

There are many worldwide regulators such as the financial conduct authority. The only relevant authority for Australian traders is the ASIC. AxiTrader Australia is ASIC certified meaning that it needs to segregate client funds and other requirements such as training standards. Australia forex traders should only choose a forex broker that is ASIC certified when navigating forex markets.

Compare AxiTrader With Head-To-Head Comparison Tables Of The FX Brokers Below:

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