Best Crypto CFD Trading Platform

These are the best trading platforms CFD brokers offer to trade cryptos:

  • Eightcap - Best Broker For Cryptos Overall With 95 Tokens
  • Pepperstone - Great Crypto Trading Platforms, Including MT4
  • IC Markets - Good Crypto Trading With MT5
  • XTB - Top Range Of Bitcoin and Ethereum Crosses And Fiats
  • eToro - Best For Copy And Social Trading With Cryptos
  • IG Trading - Good Weekend Trading With Cryptocurrencies
  • Plus500 - Bitcoin Plus15 Cryptos With This Top CFD Provider
  • FP Markets - Good Broker For Scalp Trading With Crypto
  • AvaTrade - Great Choice For Day Trading Cryptos
Broker Our Rating Regulation Standard
EUR/USD Spread
GBP/USD Spread
AUD/USD Spread
EUR/USD Spread
GBP/USD Spread
AUD/USD Spread
(USD Base)
MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5 cTrader Execution Speed Minimum Deposit Currency Pairs Crypto CFDs Retail Leverage Prof. Leverage
1.0 1.0 1.2 0.06 0.73 0.27 $3.50 143ms $250 (Raw)
$500 (Standard)
40+ 250+ 500:1 500:1 Visit Site
1.10 1.40 1.20 0.10 0.40 0.20 $3.50 77ms $0 62+ 12+ 30:1 500:1 Visit Site
0.62 0.83 0.77 0.02 0.23 0.17 $3.50 134ms $0 61+ 18+ 30:1 500:1 Visit Site
0.9 1.4 1.3 0.9 0.14 0.13 - 160ms $250 49+ 16+ 30:1 500:1 Visit Site
1.0 2.0 1.0 - - - - 130ms $200 (Australia), $50-$100 (EU) 49+ 46+ 30:1 400:1 Visit Site
0.6 0.9 0.7 - - - - - $0 70+ 4+ Visit Site
71 ASIC, FCA, BaFin
1.13 1.66 1.01 0.16 0.59 0.29 $6.00 174ms $450 100+ 12+ 30:1 200:1 Visit Site
1.70 2.3 1.4 - - - - 140ms $100 71+ 15+ 30:1 300:1 Visit Site
1.1 1.3 1.3 0.10 0.20 0.20 $3.00 225ms $100 70+ 10+ 30:1 500:1 Visit Site
- - - - - - - 160ms $100 55+ 15+ 30:1 400:1 Visit Site

What Are The Best Crypto CFD Trading Platform?

Our 2024 annual review focused on regulated forex brokers but only several offered cryptocurrency CFD trading. With the rise of cryptocurrency trading, we focused on short-listing brokers with a strong crypto CFD platform offering and then find the best broker based on spreads, features and customer service.

1. Eightcap Best Broker For Cryptos Overall With 95 Tokens


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.06
GBP/USD = 0.73
AUD/USD = 0.27

Trading Platforms

MT4, MT5, TradingView,

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend Eightcap

We recommend Eightcap as the best broker overall if you are interested in trading crypto CFDs based on its extensive selection of 95 crypto tokens to trade, competitive spreads and emphasis on research materials for crypto trading.

This broker also holds licenses from two Tier-1 regulators: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Pros & Cons

  • Tight Forex spreads (averaged 0.06 pips in our tests)
  • Fast and easy account opening process
  • Over 95 cryptocurrency CFDs to trade
  • MT4, MT5 and TradingView platforms
  • MT4 ‘only’ has 79 crypto compared to MT5
  • Minimum deposit required to open an account
  • Cryptocurrencies not available in UK, Europe

Broker Details

The Best CFD Platform For Crypto Trading In 2024

Without a doubt, Eightcap stands head and shoulders above all other CFD brokers when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. With over 250 cryptocurrency options their range of options far exceeds all other online brokers and their spreads are impressive.

The table below compares the number of spreads with other notable brokers along with average spreads per coin.

eightcap compare eightcap crypto vs other brokers

Eightcap’s cryptocurrency range allows you to choose from over 120 different cryptocurrencies paired against the US dollar. The range of currencies not only includes notable popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin but also some highly unusual coins you have likely never heard of including Flow, Compound, Serum, Halo, Dodo, Shibu and crypto broke award 2024

In addition to a large range of cryptocurrencies vs USD, you can also trade 20 cryptos vs other fiats such as AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD and even Mexican Peso (MXN), These same cryptocurrencies are also available as a cross-pair with Bitcoin (BTC).

Lastly, if you would like to spread your risk, 5 cryptocurrency indices are available.

eightcap crypto cross pair

Leverage when trading cryptocurrency will vary depending on your location. The leverage for Australian clients with Eightcap is 1:2 for retail traders and 1:5 for pro traders, while traders outside Australia can trade with leverage of up to 1:20 for most pairs.

eightcap compare trading platform

When trading Cryptocurrency, it is recommended to use the MetaTrader 5 trading platform since you can trade all currencies using this platform. You can still trade over 90 pairs using MT4, but you will be limited to cross-pairs with USD and BTC.

Whether you choose MT4 or MT5, offer your to automate your trading without using any code.

View EightcapVisit Eightcap

2. Pepperstone Great Crypto Trading Platforms, Including MT4


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.1
GBP/USD = 0.4
AUD/USD = 0.2

Trading Platforms

MT4, MT5, cTrader, TradingView,

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend Pepperstone

We recommend Pepperstone for devoted MetaTrader 4 users interested in diversifying their portfolios to include cryptocurrency.

With a collection of powerful add-ons and integrations designed to support advanced technical analysis and algorithmic trading, this broker takes the MT4 trading experience up a notch.

Algorithmic traders, in particular, will appreciate the combination of MetaTrader 4 (and, MetaTrader 5, TradingView and cTrader platforms for sophisticated charting and Expert Advisers (EAs).

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful trading tools, particularly for MT4
  • MT5, TradingView and cTrader platforms
  • Fast execution speeds – 77ms for limit orders
  • Competitive trading costs
  • The demo account expires after 30 days
  • 24/5 customer support
  • A more limited selection of cryptocurrencies

Broker Details

The Broker That Has The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Our top pick for the best cryptocurrency trading platforms is Pepperstone. The Australian-based broker offers crypto trading on the world’s 5 largest cryptocurrencies, 3 cryptocurrency indices, leverage up to 5:1, narrow spreads from $10 on Bitcoin, minimum trade size of 0.10 increments and no additional commission fees.

This broker regulated by FCA,  ASIC, CySEC, BaFin, DFSA, CMA and SCB offers three of the most popular cryptocurrency CFD platforms (MT4, MT5 and cTrader), which are regarded as the best place to trade cryptocurrencies.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
Pepperstone 5 + 3 Crypto Indices 2:1 $10 0.10 $0

Pepperstone Cryptocurrency Trading

At Pepperstone, clients can access CFD trading products on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin across 3 powerful trading platforms (MT4, MT5 and cTrader). This allows trading cryptocurrencies across specialised trading software and whilst on the go. From the same trading account (Standard or Razor), crypto traders can tap into the trillion-dollar forex market and CFD trading on indices, shares, commodities, metals and energies.

The crypto assets offered by Pepperstone are speculative products that don’t require:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange to tap into the cryptocurrency market
  • Or a cryptocurrency wallet to store the digital currency

Pepperstone Cryptocurrency CFDs

Pepperstone clients can speculate on the price movements of 5 cryptocurrency CFDs and 3 cryptocurrency indices. You can trade cryptos with fiat currencies on Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dash and Litecoin (LTC) and 3 crypto indices which combine a selection of cryptocurrencies that are weighted by market cap:

  1. Crypto10 index – widely considered the benchmark cryptocurrency index that tracks the top 10 blockchain projects in the industry
  2. Crypto20 index – tracks the performance of the top 20 crypto assets
  3. Crypto30 index – tracks the performance of the top 30 crypto assets

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The main strength of Pepperstone’s trading platform is that it allows its clients to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the need for a cryptocurrency exchange or a digital wallet. Additionally, buying and selling cryptocurrency CFDs is done through 3 different powerful trading platforms that are designed to offer an unparalleled experience for both professional traders and crypto newcomers, alike:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – designed for forex trading it’s also compatible with CFD trading on Bitcoin
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5) – best for professional traders
  • cTrader – best for Best Automated Forex Trading Software
Platform Accessibility Adj.Session Times Depth Of Market Historical Data Access Algorithmic Trading Detachable Charts Cloud storage
MetaTrader 4 Windows
No No Yes Yes Yes No
MetaTrader 5 Windows
No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
cTrader Windows
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Cryptocurrency Trading Costs And Fees

Pepperstone was included in our best crypto CFD trading platforms list for its ECN execution model. As a no-dealing desk NDD broker, Pepperstone can deliver interbank spreads and fast order speeds. You can start trading Bitcoin (BTC) by paying a spread of $10.0 while the minimum spread when you trade cryptos is $2.01 for Ethereum (ETH).

The table below outlines the head-to-head crypto spread comparison among the forex brokers reviewed.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Ethereum Litecoin
Pepperstone $10.00 $4.01 $3.00 $2.01 $3.0 $86.00 $10.00 $5.00 $5.00 $1.50
eToro $80.00 $4.00 $2.00 $6.00 $1.00
IG $36.00 $2.00 None $1.2 $0.4
Plus500 $36.00 $5.00 None $2.00 $0.42
FP Markets $7.66 $5.04 None $4.61 None

Cost-wise, Pepperstone charges its clients a minimum spread of $2.0 and a commission rate of $3.5 (Pepperstone Razor account only). By industry standards, these are the lowest crypto fees among the CFD brokers we reviewed. More than that, Pepperstone will supply you with competitive prices 24/5.

Complementary to the narrow spreads, the second advantage of Pepperstone’s ECN execution model is the ability to trade cryptocurrencies with a super-fast order speed of 30ms.

Final Words – Best Cryptocurrency CFD Broker

All-in-all, Pepperstone is a first-class CFD broker for trading cryptocurrencies. The things that make Pepperstone offer the best crypto CFD trading platform are the top-rated software solution, super-low fees, innovative crypto products, fast speeds of 30ms and unlimited free demo account to test your skills. Pepperstone handles over $9.2 billion per day in trading volume from forex trading to Gold CFDs which makes it one of the largest CFD brokers in the industry.

Note: Pepperstone Limited (UK) does not offer cryptocurrency products

3. IC Markets Good Crypto Trading With MT5

IC Markets

Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.02
GBP/USD = 0.23
AUD/USD = 0.17

Trading Platforms

MT4, MT5, cTrader

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend IC Markets

We recommend IC Markets for cost-conscious traders interested in adding cryptocurrency to the mix. This broker offers some of the tightest spreads of any brokers we tested, averaging 0.76 pips for the major currency pairs on a Standard account and 0.16 pips on a RAW account.

Users of the popular MetaQuotes family of trading platforms will appreciate the extensive collection of integrations and add-ons, including Trading Central, Autocharist and cTrader, for advanced technical analysis.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent trading conditions with MetaTrader 5
  • Solid selection of financial instruments to trade
  • Tight spreads
  • Market research tools need improvement
  • Licensed by only two Tier-1 regulators: ASIC and CySEC
  • cTrader-based mobile app only available for Android

Broker Details

The Best Broker For Crypto Trading With MT5

IC Markets is the best choice for trading cryptocurrencies CFDs via the MetaTrader 5 platform. Founded in 2007, IC Markets is a leading Australian online broker that specialises in Forex trading, but it also offers CFDs on Cryptocurrencies and other asset classes. IC Markets clients can access the financial markets through a range of trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, and take advantage of true ECN execution.

IC Markets complies with strict regulatory standards upheld by two of the most reputable regulatory bodies worldwide – the ASIC and the Cyprus-based CySEC, which allows it to offer online trading services in key markets such as Australia and Europe.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
IC Markets 10 2:1 $10 0.10 0%

Trading Cryptocurrencies With A True ECN CFD Broker

Due to IC Markets’ pool of 25 top-tier liquidity providers, it is able to provide true ECN pricing and no dealing desk order execution with no re-quotes on its MetaTrader 5 trading platform. There are no restrictions on limit orders and no limits on trade sizes, while clients can also hedge their positions on IC Markets’ MT5 software.

Crypto investors can trade 10 digital currencies 24/5 with a maximum leverage of 1:5 and no commissions on the broker’s MetaTrader 5 platform. The minimum spread offered on Bitcoin is $5.00, while the average spread is $10.00 on all IC Markets account types.

A Bitcoin CFD trading example is presented below.

Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

Final Words For The Best MetaTrader 5 Crypto CFD Broker

All-in-all, IC Markets offers the best conditions for cryptocurrency trading with the MetaTrader 5 platform. IC Markets crypto offerings are more than enough to satisfy the trading needs of anyone interested to invest in the crypto market. To claim your free demo account, click the button below today!

4. XTB Top Range Of Bitcoin and Ethereum Crosses And Fiats


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.9
GBP/USD = 0.14
AUD/USD = 0.13

Trading Platforms

MT4, xStation 5

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend XTB

We recommend XTB as the best broker for crypto traders specialised in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) based on its extensive selection of crosses, including with fiat currency. This broker also stands out for its excellent user experience.

A same-day, fully digital account opening process has you up and running in less than 24 hours, and XTB doesn’t require a minimum deposit or charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

Pros & Cons

  • No minimum deposit
  • Interesting selection of digital assets
  • Average trading fees
  • Limited trading platform selection
  • Only one trading account option

Broker Details

The Broker That Has The Best Range of Bitcoin And Ethereum Crosses And Fiats

XTB’s proprietary trading platform xStation 5 was selected for the best range of Bitcoin and Ethereum crosses. Globally regulated with 15 years of experience in the retail space and over 200,000 clients worldwide, XTB grants traders access to over 1,500 global markets, including 25 crypto pairs, with a maximum leverage of 2:1 and an average Bitcoin spread of $68.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
XTB 25 Crypto Pairs 2:1 $68 0.10 $0

Trade Bitcoin And Ethereum Crosses With XTB

The same as there are cross currency pairs in the forex market; we can distinguish crypto crosses in the cryptocurrency market. At XTB, crypto investors can look to trade crypto cross pairs on:

  • 3 Ethereum crosses (EOS/ETH, ETH/BTC, TRX/ETH)

Bitcoin Crosses

While the XTB Standard account promotes no commission trading on the XTB Pro account, you can expect to pay around $3.5 per lot traded. The award-winning CFD platform xStation 5 is designed for both newcomers and professional traders; gives you access to crypto trading 24/7 including over the weekend; supports any type of trading strategy with zero risk of losing your capital due to hacking attacks.

Final Words – Start Trading Crypto Crosses With XTB

We’ve concluded that the retail investor accounts offered by XTB also come with fast and smooth deposit and withdrawal methods and a minimum deposit of $250. The low entry barrier allows everyone to start trading in the cryptocurrency market and access leading cryptocurrency crosses.

Note: XTB Limited, XTB UK subsidiary does not offer crypto products

5. eToro Best For Copy And Social Trading With Cryptos


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread


Trading Platforms

eToro Trading Platform

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend eToro

We recommend eToro not only for the variety of crypto assets available to trade – 41 different tokens – but also for its commitment to social trading and copy trading. Many top brokers treat these trading strategies as ‘bonuses’ or ‘nice to have’, but eToro makes them the centre of its trading experience with innovative features like the CopyPortfolios tool.

Beginners and casual traders will also like eToro’s simplified, user-friendly platform and the mandatory stop-loss and take-profit orders the broker uses to protect client funds.

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive market analysis tools and content
  • Platform built for social trading
  • Unique products such as ‘smart portfolios’
  • Easy to use portfolio features for casual traders
  • Experienced traders may find the proprietary trading platform lacking
  • Does not support algorithmic trading strategies
  • Higher-than-average trading costs

Broker Details

The Top Cryptocurrency Social Trading Platform

eToro was hand-picked as the best crypto copy trading platform. eToro is a leading, multi-regulated online CFD, Forex and cryptocurrency broker with a vast customer base globally (over 10 million). eToro is renowned for its unique copy-trading features and is one of the largest social trading communities worldwide.

eToro follows the guidelines imposed by multiple regulatory bodies including ASIC which allows it to conduct business in Australia. Additionally, the broker is licensed by CySEC and by the UK’s FCA.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
eToro 94 2:1 $80 0.10 Selling incurs overnight funding fees

Our review has found that eToro offers a complete crypto trading solution for retail traders, regardless of their skill level and experience. eToro is recognised as an all-in-one blockchain technology solution that includes a specialised copy trading platform, cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain wallet.

eToro Crypto Copy Trading Platform

The broker’s user-friendly platform grants instant access to the cryptocurrency market. Long positions (buying cryptocurrency), if not leveraged and not traded as CFDs, will incur no overnight funding fees. Short positions (short-selling cryptocurrency), however, do incur overnight funding fees, as do leveraged products such as cryptocurrency CFDs).

Bitcoin Trading Platform

If crypto investors prefer to operate with high-risk CFD products on leverage, we should mention that the maximum leverage for cryptocurrency trading offered by eToro is 1:2. The minimum deposit required is $200, while the US Dollar is the only base account currency accepted. Deposits in other currencies will incur a conversion fee.

Before they start trading on a live account, eToro clients have the opportunity to test the broker’s platform features with no risk on a demo account with $100,000 in virtual funds.

With eToro’s web-based platform, crypto traders will be granted free access to the latest research and news concerning the cryptocurrency market, as well as access to standard risk management tools (Stop Loss orders, Trailing Stop) to protect their active positions.

eToro Range of Cryptocurrencies

eToro’s platform allows traders to choose from 16 crypto assets combined in 94 crypto pairs. Tradable cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), NEO and so much more.

The range of cryptocurrencies offered by eToro is broken down into 4 financial instruments:

  • 16 crypto coins
  • 1 commodity crosses
  • 14 crypto crosses
  • 61 currency crosses

Last but not least, if clients are not sure which crypto assets to focus on, they can use eToro’s award-winning copy trading features and follow top-ranking cryptocurrency traders to benefit from their trading activity and expertise.

eToroX – eToro’s Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

eToroX is eToro’s professional crypto exchange, which delivers the ultimate trading experience for crypto algo traders, institutional-grade investors and expert cryptocurrency traders.

Bitcoin Exchange

eToroX utilises deep liquidity to achieve competitive spreads and has no fees charged on cryptocurrency deposits. Additionally, trading fees are low – starting from 0.03%.

Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and completely secure, eToroX grants access to 106 digital pairs, including cryptocurrency, several altcoins, Forex pairs and tokenised stablecoins.

eToro API Trading Program

Meanwhile, crypto algo traders can take advantage of AlgoX, eToro’s API Trading Program, which ensures high-quality, low-latency colocation services.

eToro Crypto And Bitcoin Wallet

Additionally, eToro offers its clients a simple way to receive, transfer or store their cryptocurrency anywhere on the blockchain with a secure digital Wallet. This service supports more than 120 cryptocurrencies and also allows clients to change any of over 500 crypto assets to other crypto pairs.

Digital currency Wallet

eToro’s Wallet can be downloaded free of charge and can be accessed with clients’ eToro credentials. The Wallet has several high-level security features aimed to protect clients against any unauthorised access. Among those security features are standardisation protocols, DDoS protection, and multi-signature facilities.

More, crypto investors can use their eToro Wallet private key to recover access to the Crypto Wallet whenever they need to.

Final Words For The Best All-In-One Cryptocurrency Online Brokers

Overall, the one-stop crypto solution offered by eToro will give cryptocurrency investors all the functionalities needed to copy trade, manage, store and speculate on the price movements of 94  crypto assets under one single roof.

eToro’s UK subsidiary eToro (UK) Ltd does not offer crypto products

6. IG Trading Good Weekend Trading With Cryptocurrencies

IG Trading

Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.16
GBP/USD = 0.59
AUD/USD = 0.29

Trading Platforms

MT4, IG Trading Platform, L2 Dealer, ProRealTime

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend IG Trading

We recommend IG Trading for its stellar reputation as an industry leader in the online trading space, its award-winning trading platform suitable for casual traders, and its comprehensive selection of educational resources to help you develop your trading strategy over time.

If you’re more of a ‘weekend trader’ without the time to devote to intensive market analysis and backtesting, this broker offers a solid foundation for your trading that you can easily scale if you decide to pursue retail investing further.

Pros & Cons

  • Licensed in ten jurisdictions
  • The largest selection of assets to trade of any broker we reviewed
  • Low spreads – 0.32 pips on average for the major currency pairs
  • Far fewer tradable assets on MT4 than on the proprietary platform
  • Spotty customer support – users report slow response times
  • MetaTrader 4 trading experience is lacking, and MetaTrader 5 is not available

Broker Details

A Good Crypto Education Platforms For Beginners

Among the online brokers for crypto trading CFDs, IG offers a wealth of educational resources that will teach you how CFDs work and risk management tools for beginners. IG is a reputable online Forex and CFD broker regulated in over 10 jurisdictions worldwide, including the UK’s FCA, ASIC, NFA and CFTC in the United States.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
IG 10 + 1 Crypto Index 2:1 $36 0.05 Overnight funding charges

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs With IG

Trading cryptocurrencies by using complex instruments (CFDs) may be suitable for clients who wish to simply speculate on price movements without actually owning the particular digital currency, to leverage their position and pay only a fraction of the total cost upfront and to gain exposure to a number of crypto exchanges from a single trading account.

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs

Trade Cryptocurrencies With IG

With IG, crypto investors can trade either 10 individual cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin or EOS) or get broad exposure with the Crypto 10 Index. The margin requirements for retail clients on all cryptocurrency CFDs equal 10%, while the minimum spreads offered is $36 for BTC/USD.

Larger positions may require a higher margin, in accordance with IG’s margin tier system.

Cryptocurrency CFD leverage

Risk Management Tools For CFD Trading

Since online trading through retail CFD accounts is associated with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage, traders with little experience and, especially beginners, need to employ strict money management and use the entire range of risk tools available to protect their positions. This is especially valid for the cryptocurrency market, which tends to be extremely volatile!

In this line of thought, what IG offers are the following risk management tools:

  • Stop Loss orders – this free tool closes clients’ positions automatically in case the market moves not as anticipated. However, it is not invulnerable to slippage, thus, the position may close at a worse price level in case of a gap.
  • Limit orders that allow taking profit automatically as soon as the market reaches the pre-determined price level
  • Free price alerts and push notifications – price alerts by text or email can be set on IG’s Web Trader and mobile apps, while push notifications are used on the desktop PC trading platform and mobile devices
  • Guaranteed Stop – this tool will always close clients’ position at the specified price level, but they will have to pay an extra spread
  • Trailing Stop – this tool allows clients to lock in profits, while also placing a Stop Loss order that updates automatically when the market moves in their direction. The Stop Loss will be triggered when the market moves against them, but again, there is no guaranteed protection against slippage.

IG Academy

Beginners will find all the information they need about global financial markets and trading in IG Academy. In this website section, they can access a plethora of free online trading courses (including videos, interactive exercises, quizzes), trading webinars or in-person seminars (where they can gain knowledge and insight from IG experts).

Top crypto education

Additionally, beginners can browse through IG’s extensive glossary to find an in-depth explanation of terms related to financial markets and trading.

Final Words For The Best Crypto Platform For Beginners

All-in-all, IG is among the best brokers for crypto newcomers due to its first-class learning centre and top risk management tools. Additional benefits of crypto CFD trading with IG include no maximum deposit limits and no deposit or withdrawal fees.

IG Markets Ltd which is the brokers UK subsidiary does not offer crypto products.

7. Plus500 Bitcoin Plus15 Cryptos With This Top CFD Provider


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 1.7
GBP/USD = 2.3
AUD/USD = 1.4

Trading Platforms

Plus500 Trading Platform

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend Plus500

We recommend Plus500 for traders interested in Bitcoin (BTC) and other major tokens like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) but otherwise care most about a straightforward trading experience.

This broker doesn’t top the list for low spreads, and experienced traders may find the platform lacking, but for intermediate traders who also want to trade forex, indices, commodities and other financial markets, Plus500 gets the job done.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent trading tools
  • Solid selection of financial instruments beyond crypto CFDs
  • Limited education content and market analysis tools
  • Proprietary platform may not meet the needs of active traders
  • High trading fees

Broker Details

Platforms With the Largest Range Of Cryptocurrencies

Plus500 a top CFD provider was awarded for having one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms with a diverse selection of digital coins. Founded in 2008 in Israel and listed on the London Stock Exchange, Plus500 is among the leading CFD and Forex brokers globally. Plus500 and its corporate divisions are authorised to conduct online trading business in Australia (ASIC), The United Kingdom (FCA) and Europe (CySEC).

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
Plus500 13 + 1 Crypto Indices 2:1 $36 0.10 0%

Plus500 Cryptocurrency Trading Conditions

Our review has concluded that Plus500’s offered range of cryptocurrencies is one of the most competitive among the crypto trading platforms reviewed. With Plus500, crypto enthusiasts can trade 13 cryptocurrency CFDs + a crypto index with a maximum leverage of 1:30 and a minimum deposit of USD 200.

Similar to CFD and Forex brokers such as, under Plus500’s negative balance protection policy, retail investor accounts cannot lose larger amounts than the initial deposit when trading CFDs.

The average spreads Plus500 offers across its range of cryptocurrencies starts from:

  • $36 on Bitcoin (BTC)
  • $0.0038 on Ripple (XRP)
  • $4.7 on Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH)
  • $0.0006 on Tron (TRX)
  • $2.1 on Ethereum (ETH)

cryptocurrency CFD trading
Plus500 Crypto 10 Index

Plus500 offers passionate crypto enthusiasts the possibility to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market in a single trade through a proprietary Crypto 10 Index.  The Crypto 10 Index (Crypto10) follows and tracks the performance of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies. Developed by an independent and specialised third-party provider BITA, the Crypto 10 index is considered to be the benchmark cryptocurrency index the same as the S&P500 is the benchmark stock index.

benchmark cryptocurrency index

Final Words For The Biggest Crypto CFD Platform

Overall, Plus500 empowers crypto fanatics with a crypto exchange feel-like trading conditions and a good selection of cryptocurrencies. Besides crypto trading, Plus500’s clients can access a variety of CFD instruments including indices, shares, ETFs and so much more. Click the button below and test drive them with a demo account.

Note: Plus500UK Ltd does not offer crypto products

8. FP Markets Good Broker For Scalp Trading With Crypto

FP Markets

Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.1
GBP/USD = 0.2
AUD/USD = 0.1

Trading Platforms

MT4, MT5

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend FP Markets

We recommend FP Markets as one of the few brokers to permit scalping as a trading strategy and allow clients to trade crypto CFDs.

Scalping, which refers to opening and closing positions over minutes (and sometimes seconds), relies on a high degree of market volatility and can prove both expensive and risky.

Many brokers prohibit the practice, but FP Markets supports traders seeking to profit from rapid price movements with various tools.

Pros & Cons

  • Interesting collection of trading platforms
  • Low spreads and commissions
  • Excellent collection of cryptocurrencies
  • The mobile app has limited features
  • Could have better social trading and copy-trading tools
  • Average execution speeds

Broker Details

The Top MT4 Cryptocurrency Broker

FP Markets is the best MetaTrader 4 cryptocurrency broker for offering one of the lowest Bitcoin spreads ($7.66) and ECN trading conditions. Founded in 2005, FP Markets is one of the most reputable online brokers globally that operates an ECN pricing model. Again, we’re dealing with a regulated broker in Australia by the ASIC and in Europe by the CySEC.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
FP Markets 5 2:1 $7.66 0.10 0%

Trade Cryptocurrency In MT4

Similar to brokerages such as IC Markets, FP Markets’ ECN pricing model keeps spreads very tight, including on its Cryptocurrency CFDs. Crypto fanatics can trade 5 digital currencies 24/5 with a maximum leverage of 1:2 and no commissions on the broker’s MT4 platform. The minimum spread offered on Bitcoin is $2.02, while the average spread is $7.66 on all FP Markets account types.

FP Markets Bitcoin Trading

True MT4 ECN Broker With Cryptocurrencies

As the broker streams price data directly from its deep pool of liquidity providers, it can ensure the highest level of price transparency, ultra-low spreads across its CFD product list as well as exceptional order execution with minimal slippage.

FP Markets clients can access institutional-grade liquidity and take advantage of no dealing desk execution and no re-quotes on the broker’s MetaTrader 4 platform.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers

Because its MT4 server is located in the Equinix NY4 data centre, FP Markets can provide ultra-low latency and order execution of 37 ms for its clients. Along with other industry awards it has received over the course of its business history, FP Markets was awarded the Best for Quality of Trade Execution 2019 by Investment Trends.

Final Words For The Best MT4 Bitcoin Broker

While FP Markets only offers 5 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple) it’s the best fit for crypto traders seeking to trade via the most popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4. For more details about the MT4 features click the button below and read our full FP Markets review.

9. AvaTrade Great Choice For Day Trading Cryptos


Forex Panel Score


Average Spread

EUR/USD = 0.9
GBP/USD = 1.5
AUD/USD = 1.1

Trading Platforms

MT4, MT5, AvaTradeGo, AvaOptions

Minimum Deposit


Why We Recommend AvaTrade

We recommend AvaTrade for anyone looking for solid risk management and lots of different ways to trade. From options to CFDs to exchange-traded financial instruments, this broker has a little bit of everything.

Pros & Cons

  • Social trading and copy trading with ZuluTrade and Duplitrade
  • Extension options trading
  • Powerful risk management features, including loss protection
  • Higher-than-average trading costs
  • Limited collection of financial instruments
  • Market analysis resources are lacking

Broker Details

A Good Broker For Fixed Spreads With Cryptos

With a total of 11 cryptocurrencies on the offer, AvaTrade offers competitive fixed spreads for crypto CFDs. AvaTrade is a global Forex and CFD broker, authorised and regulated on five continents by some of the most reputable regulatory bodies globally.

Number of Cryptocurrencies Maximum Leverage Bitcoin Spread Minimum Trade size Commission
AvaTrade 13+1 Crypto Index 2:1 $38 0.10 0%

AvaTrade Cryptocurrency Trading Offerings

Among AvaTrade’s vast range of financial instruments offered to Australian clients are CFDs on 11 digital currencies, which can be traded 24/7 (including over the weekend trading) with no commissions and no bank fees on transactions. Another advantage is that cryptocurrency CFD spreads are fixed, while the maximum leverage allowed is 1:25.

AvaTrade’s cryptocurrency CFD product list includes Bitcoin which can be traded against three different fiat currencies (US dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen):

  • Bitcoin/US Dollar (BTC/USD) – spread of 0.35% Over-market, leverage of 1:25
  • Bitcoin/Euro (BTC/EUR) – spread of 0.5% Over-market, leverage of 1:20
  • Bitcoin/Japanese Yen (BTC/JPY) – spread of 0.5% Over-market, leverage of 1:20

The list of cryptocurrencies offered by AvaTrade is completed by Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Dash, NEO, EOS, MIOTA and a cryptocurrency index, Crypto 10 Index.

Final Words For The Best Crypto CFD Broker With Low Spreads

Overall, AvaTrade was rewarded for its competitive trading costs, and weekend trading available on 13 crypto pairs and one crypto index. In addition, Bitcoin traders have the chance to speculate on the price of Bitcoin against multiple fiat currencies. To test drive this broker, click the button below and claim your free demo account.