IG Binary Options Review

IG is one of the worlds largest binary options, forex and CFDs brokers. Our IG binary options review found IG call their options Digital 100s and offer 33 different instruments as options. IG offers a choice of trading platforms and risk management tools.


By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

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Our IG Binary Options call their binary options Digital 100. We found favoured the online broker due to their:

  • Trading platforms
  • Wide range of markets offered
  • Risk management tools
  • Strong Customer Service

What are Binary Options

IG call their binary options Digital 100s. This type of trading is based on the simple premise that anything you predict will happen in the market place, will happen or won’t happen. If the outcome you predict is correct then you will make a profit, if the outcome does not go in your favour then you will make a loss.

Who Can Trade Binary Options?

The financial regulator of the territory you are a client of will determine if you can trade binaries or not.

Clients from the UK and Europe

IG is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and Europe. FCA only allows binary options trading for professional traders. This means you must have at least 500,00 euro in your account or invest with IG and have traded on average 10 times a quarter over the past year in order to do binary trading.

Clients from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) allows binary trading. This means if you have joined IG from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and countries not regulated by FCA or MAS then you can trade Binary Option with IG Australia.

Clients from Singapore

Binary options trading is permitted by the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS). If you have joined IG from Singapore you can trade binary options.

What Types Of Binary Markets Can You Trade With IG

a) Forex Trading Markets

IG is a leading forex broker so it’s only logical that they offer binary options trading on currency trading. Our IG Binary Options Review comparison with Saxo Capital Markets found that Forex was their strongest area with the widest range of markets and best access to liquidity pools.

Below shows the major currency pairings offered and the binary types applicable for each currency trading pairing. These are available on the best forex trading platform discussed in our IG review.

Binary Options IG Forex Trading Options

b) Commodities

There is the ability to trade with binaries across US crude oil, Gold and Silver. This is another key strength found in our IG Binary Options Review which isn’t featured with other brokers.

c) Market Sensitive Announcements

A really exciting feature is the ability to not just trade on US Jobless Claims and US Non-Farm Payrolls but other key market sensitive events. An example was the EU Referendum in July and even the next USA president.

Forex Trading Platform Options

d) Indices

The final area offered and another strength found in our IG Binary Options Review centres around market indices. This includes major international indices such as Wall Street, US 500, US Tech 100, FTSE 100 and Australia 200. When trading indices you will have the ability to trade across a range of trading options such as Ladder, Up/Down, One-Tough and Tunnel. Below shows the Digital 100s indices that can be traded. There are also forex, commodities and futures digital 100s that can be traded.

IG Digital 100s

IG Binary Options Trading Platform

Our 2020 review found that IG had the best for trading platform. The platform has two components:

1) Web-Based Platform

IG has created a new binary ladder option within their web-based platform. The focus is to provide an interface to ensure traders make informed trades with the tools they need. This includes options such as trading directing from charts and the ability to view, open and close binary options positions easily.

Multiple positions can also be closed in one action through a new strike menu. Additionally, the ability to prepare trades before they become active is also now available.

Below shows an example of the web-based platform including the streaming charts which allows traders to see positions relative to the underlying market movement. It also shows how long before the expiry times (to the second) and running profit or loss based as the markets move.

Web Based Best Forex Trading Platform

To trade using the web-based trading platform you simply have to follow the three steps shown below.

Trading Binary Options With IG Instructions

The web-based platform is also considered one of the best forex trading platforms for beginner forex traders. CFDs can also be traded within the forex platform.

2) Mobile Based Apps

Each of the IG trading platform mobile apps are designed to provide traders with excellent Binary trading experience. Our IG review provided the apps with the maximum score as it worked across all major table and mobile devices. This even includes windows phone and tablet devices which are available from the windows store.


IG Binary Options Mobile Platform

Naturally, all apps are free to download and update regularly to maximise the trading experience. All apps are 256-bit SSL encryption secure and provide analysis, market data and even live prices without the requirement to log in.

Visit The IG Markets Website

Types Of Binary Option TradingWhat Is Binary Options Trading?

Binary options trading focuses on a question that results in a yes or no answer. An example could be “will an index do ‘x’ before the binary expires? If this occurs before the expiry time, you win.

Our IG review compared to easyMarkets found the broker offers the six most popular forms of Binary Options trading.

1) Ladder

Traders us a ladder when predicting if a market will increase or decrease by a set amount but are unsure of which direction. For example, “at expiry, will the market be lower or higher than a set level?”

2) Up/Down

This is similar to a ladder except you will determine if you predict the market will go up or down by a set level. For example, “at expiry, will the market be lower or higher a set level?”

3) One-Touch

This pays out the trader if they are right at any time before the end date. For example, “before expiry, will the market reach a specific price?”

4) Target

This combines both the direction as well as the level that a trader predicts a market will finish at. For example, “before expiry, will the market close within a specified limited range?”

5) Hi-Lo

This focuses on volatility within a period. For example, “before expiry, what will be the markets high and low point?”

6) Tunnel

This is similar to hi-lo except the trader believes the market will remain fat and won’t have much volatility. For example “before expiry, will the market stay within a pre-defined low and high”.

IG Review – What Real Trading Should Be All About

IG is a trading name of IG Markets Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under number 04008957. The registered address is at Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2YA. IG Markets Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 195355. In 1974 IG Index was first established, to enable clients to trade gold as an index rather than the commodity itself. The company became IG Group in 2000 and is now one of UK’s top 200 firms, listed on the FTSE 250.

Binary trading was introduced by IG in 2003 and as we know, it took other brokers 5 more years before they could offer the product so IG is already a bunch of steps ahead of others. In fact, it is not fair to compare IG with regular, mainstream binary options brokers because IG is in a league of its own. If you like to see smiling girls and hip guys welcoming you on the home page, limousines and 100% bonuses, risk-free trades and “insured” trading, this is not the place for you. This is the real world, where trading involves risk, you don’t receive gifts from your broker and if you lose a trade – guess what – you lose money. Nobody will lie to you telling you will receive back money that you’ve lost in the market. What a joke…

So you won’t get any of the above, but what will you get? Well, for one thing, you are not trading against the house because IG passes on your order and they have no interest to steal your money. They make money from spreads and commissions. Oh, and speaking of spreads… have you ever wondered why your regular broker doesn’t charge a spread? How do they make money? They bet against you. If you lose, they win and if you win, they will find a way to keep your money. But enough about others, let’s talk about IG: their binary options are not the “classic” ones. It still works in a binary way, but options are capped at 0 and 100. You win it, you get 100, you lose it you get zero. How much money 100 and 0 mean depends on the size of your trade but more on that in a separate article (maybe link here when it’s posted?). To open the trade you will have to pay a premium. If you win, your profit will be 100 minus the premium and if you lose, you lose the premium. As I said, there will be another article that will explain with more detail how to trade options with IG.

If you are serious about trading – and I am not talking about just binary options and share trading– then IG is an option worth considering.

Is IG a Scam?

We like to be fair towards all the brokers we review (although some of them are not fair to traders) so we have this section on all our reviews. However, in this case, it is almost useless because I don’t know how a brokerage with roots back in 1974 and regulated by the FCA can be a scam. But I could be wrong so I recommend you to personally review this broker before you invest. In case you’re based in the USA, choose NADEX.

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IG Complaints

People will always find something to complain even when it comes to the best broker and IG is no exception. Complaints about IG can be found in the internet, mostly to slippage and delayed entries but I couldn’t find any complaints regarding the binary options section of IG.

IG Bonus

IG doesn’t offer first deposit bonuses, risk-free trading and they won’t give you tickets to concerts if you deposit more money. As I said, this is the real world.

IG Withdrawals

Their preferred way of sending money to you is by credit card (currently they can’t make payments to MasterCards issued outside the UK) and this usually takes about three days after processing the request. Wire transfers of more than 100 pounds are free (15-pound fee applies if you withdraw less than 100) and are made the same day. The same day! That’s something, isn’t it?

IG Extras

Charts, professionalism, same-day withdrawals, hundreds of markets to trade on, binaries on bitcoin, extensive market insights from professional analysts, video market insights four (4) times a day (via IG Live) and they even offer a tool that allows you to keep a Trading Diary online. Compared to the classic binary options brokers, I think everything is an extra with IG.

IG Ratings

User-Friendly 14/20

The website is not very user-friendly for the simple reason that it is very complex and has a ton of features so you will spend a lot of time going through all of them. The platform can be a bit difficult to get used to, but again this is because it offers a lot of features and this shouldn’t be regarded as a bad thing. More than 20 languages available.

Number of assets and expiry times 18/20

They offer hundreds of markets on which to trade on and even give you the possibility to trade Binary Specials, which means you can trade on the outcome of the US Non-Farm Payrolls and other major economic events (predict if the actual number will be above/below a certain number predetermined by them). The expiry times range from 5 minutes to monthly but you can also trade Sprint Markets, which is a fast form of binaries, similar to 60 seconds or Turbo Options. Sprint Markets expiry is limited to 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes (and 20 minutes for some markets).

Commissions, Support and Effective return 18/20

There are no commissions for opening an account (which is normal for any broker) but you will pay an inactivity fee of 12 pounds on the first of each month for accounts that have been inactive for 2 years or more. Support is pretty straightforward and you will not get any cheap sales tactics like: “we have a special offer, just for you, just today” (note that some versions of the website do not offer live chat – depending on region). The effective return is based on market volatility, the time before the option expires, the distance between market price and the strike price, trend and other factors. The price (premium) you have to pay for the option is of course known before you open the trade and the difference between that and 100 is your payout. Learn how to Trade Binary Options with IG – coming soon.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus 17/20

Deposits can be made via debit cards (UK Visa, Switch/Maestro, Solo, Electron cards, and Irish Laser cards. Non-UK debit cards are charged a 1.5% fee.) and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard – 1.5% fee) and wire transfers. IG does not accept payment cards where the holder is a US resident. As a special feature, clients can add funds via special iPhone and Android apps. Withdrawals are made via debit/credit cards (they do not make payments to MasterCard issued outside the UK) and wire transfers. IG does not offer a Bonus.

Website Extras 17/20

Considering the “Extras” section that you’ve read in the main part of this review, I believe IG markets deserves 20 points out of 20. For the typical binary options trader, those ‘Extras’ might be hard to understand and adapt to.

Risks Disclaimer

Binary Options (known by IG as just ‘options’) are a high-risk product based on the ‘double or nothing’ logical. It’s critical to fully understand the risks involved with options or other IG products such as forex trading. It’s also worth exploring the risk management tools that may be available through the broker.

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