Pepperstone Spread Comparison

Pepperstone offers two accounts with the lowest Pepperstone spreads coming from the Razor account which has low commissions and ECN spreads from 0 pips for EUR/USD due to no dealing desk allowing low-cost forex trading across 80+ currency pairs on the leading forex trading platforms including MT4.

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By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Pepperstone Spreads

Pepperstone Spreads And Fees

Pepperstone has main accounts for CFD and forex trading. The Pepperstone standard account has no commissions but higher spreads. This increased simplicity of a spread only account is designed for those new to currency trading. The second account is the Pepperstone razor account which offers ECN broker (raw) spreads combined with a commission that is based on trading volume. The Razor account is considered the ‘best value’ based on our analysis with overall Pepperstone having the lowest costs.

Pepperstone-Razor Vs Standard Account

You can view our standard vs razor account comparison table to understand more about the differences between the two.

Razor Spread Account Analysis

With the Razor account the most popular trading account across the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platform, this analysis looks at those spreads first.

Pepperstone Spreads & The Level Of Competition in The FX Industry

Forex is one of the most popular trading or investment classes in the world and is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. Over the last few years, the Forex market has grown into a $5 trillion a day market as savvy traders flock to try and turn a profit from currency speculation.

Size Of FX Market (Daily)

This increased interest from investors has brokers in the industry striving to become standard setters in this incredibly competitive industry. While these brokers’ list of services have made it easier and more accommodating for traders, with many companies offering similar services now, it’s pretty difficult to choose one broker over another. Pepperstone has positioned itself to be the best of the best when compared to FXCM and OANDA, not just in Australia, but in North America, Europe and Asia too.

Other options for low spreads is the AxiTrader account and IC Markets forex trading account.

Why do I need a broker?

In this modern world of online trading where markets are more open, it’s easy to understand why you might question the need to bother with a broker at all? After all, many industries have moved away from relying on service companies. However, Forex is a little different as it is highly volatile and incredibly easy to lose your money due to poor software. Firms like Pepperstone and GO Markets offer their clients experience, skill, and access. The foreign exchange market is one that is fuelled by exchange rates, hence the name. A broker will have faster access to rates and information than someone not in the industry highlighting the importance of a broker. Foreign Exchange doesn’t happen in a centralised location such as the NYSE in the United States. Instead, it is broad and scattered, which makes brokers even more essential in this decentralised system. A broker’s job is to act as your agent to get you the best price possible. They are critical for traders of every level of experience.

Forex Brokers In A Nutshell

This spread update was last updated on the 13-01-2020. View the Pepperstone website if you want to view the latest spreads information which is published regularly.

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