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IC Markets' suite of trading tools is almost unrivalled in Australia. They currently offer:
1) MetaTrader 4
2) MetaTrader 5
3) cTrader
They have a platform geared towards all traders from beginner to expert!

IC Markets Trading Tools

Investors in the Forex and CFDs space that are looking for a broker with the market’s very best trading tools should definitely consider IC Markets. IC Markets’ trading tools make it much easier for investors to make consistent returns in markets from currency to commodities. The two most effective IC Markets trading tools are the trading platforms MetaTrader and cTrader. These popular trading platforms have a number of enhanced features that offer investors a wide range of benefits. Not only does IC Markets offer investors access to these internationally popular platforms, the company also offers smart trader tools, API trading facilities and cAlgo.


Since 2005 when MetaQuotes launched MetaTrader 4, it has quickly become the forex trading platform that is the most popular in the world. Other forex brokers offering MT4 are AxiTrader as well as IC Market.

The ease with which intermediate and expert forex traders can use its interface is a major reason for MetaTrader 4’s popularity. Plus it enables people to buy and sell directly from charts. It also provides features like Navigator and Market Watch, which incorporate almost 90 indicators. The platform also has many charting configuration options and analysis tools as well as expert adviser capabilities, which makes automated trading possible.

In addition to MetaTrader 4, IC Markets include their ‘Advanced Trading Tools’ feature. As part of this feature, additional tools that can help you with your trading journal are available. This include an Economic Calendar which shows market time zones across the globe and major economic event happening on the calendar, Forex News for all the latest forex news in the global market which may affect your currency pairs, Correlation Trader and Matrix for technical analysis and Alarm Manager which provide users with alerts of relevant forex news and market movements.


Another of the IC Markets trading tools, which has benefited investors, is cTrader. Created by Spotsware, cTrader is the most popular trading platform choice for advanced traders. It offers access to features like Level II pricing featuring detectable pricing, automation implementation using a dedicated trading platform and the ability to use back-testing facilities to study the way bots and algorithms would have handled past scenarios.

The Forex and CFD trading tools offered by IC Markets help to simplify the investment process. They do so by offering access to a wide array of software programs, which provide valuable information about the historical performances of the Forex market and CFDs. These software programs also offer predictive analytics investors can use to guide their activity on the Forex and CFD markets. These tools improve the level of success investors enjoy and can save them from making major mistakes. Trading tools also help investors to identify the right time to make a trade on the Forex or CFD markets.

Access To Expert Analysis & Research

The IC Markets trading tools can also help to make trading in Forex and CFDs more profitable. Many investors lose money in the Forex and CFD markets because of lack of knowledge. Without proper trading tools it is difficult to look at past performances, mitigating factors and other elements that impact the value of a CFD or Forex investment. Modern trading tools make it possible to get that information with the click of a button. Plus many trading tools give investors real-time access to expert analysis and comments, trading plans, trading strategies and forex news that can also improve the success rate of many an investor.

Risk Management

Another important role the IC Markets trading tools play is to help investors minimise risk. Investing in CFDs and Forex comes with inherent risks. However, with the help of the right trading tools investors can identify and eliminate unnecessary risk or be given information which will help them make safer, better, more lucrative choices. The right trading tools can help to take the guesswork out of investing in CFDs and Forex and assist the investor to make choices that have the highest probability of becoming a reality and generating a profit. This can make investing a little less risky.

There are several things investors should consider when choosing a Forex trading platform. The financial products that the platform can be used to trade are one of them. Choosing a platform on which investors can trade in several types of markets, exchanges, indices and asset classes helps. Choosing a trading platform that can run on laptops, tablets, android phones, iPhones and a wide variety of other devices and software is also important. Selecting a trading platform which incorporates support and news features can improve investment outcomes. A trading platform which supports automated trading and has fast execution speeds is also a good choice. The more universal the trading platform the easier it is for investors to switch brokers.

IC Markets also offer some risk management tools such as negative balance protection to help protect your investments however they do not provide guaranteed negative balance protection. See our review of IC Markets vs easyMarkets and Plus500 for comparison of an account that offer guaranteed protection.


Our comprehensive IC Markets review vs IG Markets found that their trading tools enable them to match any other brokers involved in Forex and CFD trading in the world today. The quality and diversity of the IC Markets trading tools provides investors working with them with a definite advantage. IC Markets make trading in Forex and CFDs a lot less complex. They provide valuable insight and guidance. Traders that use the IC Markets trading tools are able to minimise some of the uncertainty and complexity these markets present and use the timely, accurate information they provide to make the best decisions possible. Whether investing in CFDs and Forex is your livelihood or just a hobby, taking advantage of the IC Markets trading tools can help you get access to the information you need to enjoy greater success.